Monday, June 23, 2008

Meat anyone?

The weirdest thing for me during this pregnancy are my food aversions/fascinations/obsessions. I can no longer drink hot beverages - I just can't stomach them! It's bizarre. So Iced Decaf Lattes for me. I also had a pretty strong Meat obsession during the first few weeks that is thankfully starting to pass. I'm just not a natural meat eater. Even thought I couldn't get it in my mouth fast enough, I still thought it was gross. LOL. It was actually pretty funny.

My newest thing are these semi-obsessions I've been having. I wouldn't call them cravings because they're not all consuming, but I basically decide that something sounds good and it's the ONLY thing that sounds good - until it's infront of me. For example, last week I really wanted a chicken salad sandwich. I managed to go about 4 days before I caved and made some one night for lunch the next day. I woke up pretty excited to eat my sandwich and then didn't eat more than two bites before I didn't even want to look at it anymore. Odd! And of course my craving dejour is a turkey burger, french fries and a chocolate milkshake. Healthy much? (Hmm, and I guess my meat cravings are still there... both meals I mentioned are meat-centric. Funny!)

As a side note, Koka isn't sure that he wants to find out the sex of the baby. 6 months ago I would have told that wasn't going to happen! But, I'm surprising low key about it. I'd prefer to find out - it would make the nursery planning a million times easier - but I figure if he has strong feelings one way or the other, I should indulge him. I tend to think that if we know more about the baby growing in there, we can bond with it better and be more prepared for the arrival. But, I guess we'll see when we get closer.

Speaking of the nursery, I did pick up these today on Etsy. They probably won't go with the serene nursery decor I imagine for the baby - but they were way too cute to pass up!

I figure, I can find SOME place for them. (Maybe Koka's office? LOL)

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Anonymous said...

I love to hear about other peoples cravings and aversions during pg. Especially when (we) cry because we can't have something we really want.

"Buuu-uuut, I wanted oliiiiive loaf!"