Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby Sexton has been given his official eviction notice.

Otherwise titled - my 39 week update.

Today, after the bean dog and I walked the 3 miles around the Reservoir near my house, I thought I might be leaking fluid. I called the OB just to if there was an easy way to tell fluid vs. normal discharge, but of course they had me come in.

It appears that I was in fact leaking fluid at some point, but I'm not currently leaking. The PH swab came back 'blue' but the microscope showed no ferning. Overall, this is good news, because if I'd ruptured my bag of waters - they would have induced me yesterday! The consensus is that my bag healed itself.

I did have some progress, which is good news. I was 1cm last week and 2.5 this week. And the baby has dropped. The doctor commented that he was "right there". So, given the favorable cervix, he swept my membranes... Not that it means all that much, but I'll take it.

Unfortunately, my OB told me they will no longer let me go until 42 weeks. My fluid levels are borderline low and they don't want to risk fetal distress or possible infection. So, I'm scheduled for an induction on 1/24 (40w4d) if I don't go on my own before then.

11 days people.


Lindsey said...

So exciting! I hope he comes on his own before then! Good luck1

LuLu said...

Holy crow, 11 days!
But it sounds like you are making progress on your own so I think he'll come before then. Man I am so excited for you. I can't wait to see pictures of your little man and hear your birth story. Don't make us wait too long, k? ;) I know your top priority will be the blog, lol.

Jenn said...

WOW! That is all I have to say. I have 12 more days until my due date, but no talk of baby arrival just yet. I cant wait to see pics of your little one. Please make sure and keep us updated!