Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just a few more

I came across a few more lovelies in my search yesterday. I just wanted to drop them off for safe keeping...

Not Rational Gretel

Not Rational Hansel

Nest Mercer

And just because I still think it's pretty. Another shot of the Mia Bossi Alisa. *sigh*


Staci said...

Love the bags you found!! I might need to justify another one now that I am expecting #2. I carry a Marc Jacobs handbag with a separate bottom- similar to the Mercer style you have here! I love that I can put all of Aidric's "changing and food stuff" down there- and it has two pockets on the side perfect for sippies. It's not a diaper bag, but it works like one!!

Heather said...

ooh - I love Gretel!