Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy 2 months Grayson!

At 2 month, Grayson:
  • weighs 11lbs 5.5oz (50% - up from 9lbs 5.5oz at 1 month)
  • is 22 3/4 inches long (50%)
  • has a 15 cm HC (Only 10% - poor guy!)
  • still has VERY blue eyes that keep getting lighter. I'm really hoping they stick around. Koka's eyes are so striking.
  • is wearing size 1 diapers and solidly fits into 0-3 month clothing. Although, Sometimes I put him into 3-6 month outfits because I didn't buy nearly enough small clothes.
  • is smiling frequently, especially when he sees me. It melts my heart
  • has started doing a 'half laugh' when he's amused. His little shoulders shake up and down while he coos.
  • Still loves his play gym and talking to the hanging animals. He bats at the two monkeys until he can grab one of the legs. Then he swings it around for a good 2 minutes.
  • Still likes tummy time and is getting REALLY close to rolling from his tummy to his back. Some days he makes it all the way to his side before falling back on his stomach. (I'm not ready for him to roll yet!)
  • Has found his hands and discovered that they taste pretty good. He some how manages to get most of his fist in his mouth - but hasn't figured out how to suck on just a finger.
  • Is sleeping for 8-10 hours each night. I can't believe how lucky we are. Seriously... However, he wiggles a lot in his sleep so most nights I need to pop into the nursery to make sure he hasn't shimmied all the way down his sleep positioner leaving his face smashed against the foam!
  • Loves having his diapers changed and bath time. He smiles and coos the entire time. We think he's going to be one of those naked all the time toddlers.
  • Loves being in the Moby Wrap or SSC. Typically he falls asleep about 5 minutes after going in.
  • Is absolutely adorable.


Lindsey said...

He is so sweet! I love your stats idea and totally copied you!

Maria said...

the picture doesn't even show all of his cuteness!!

He is so so adorable!!

linzmarie designs said...

What a sweetheart!

Shannon said...

He is adorable. Love the 2 months shirt. Do you have one for every month?