Monday, March 16, 2009

The "How I remain sane" product list

I may only be 2 months in to this whole motherhood thing, but I've already found a few lifesavers among the products I registered for. And I few I wasn't even schooled enough to know about!

Now, these are just my opinion, and I know a lot of you will find better things for you and your baby - but this is what worked for us.

1. Swaddle Me Blankets

Seriously a wonderful invention and slightly easier to use than the Miracle Blanket. This baby straight jacket helped tack on an extra 2 hours to Grayson's night time sleep. Plus, we have the fleece version, and it makes me feel like Grayson's staying warm.

2. The Moby Wrap

Hands down, my favorite product ever. Grayson is a huge snuggler and loves to be as close to me as humanly possible at all times. While I'm all for a snuggly baby - I also enjoy the use of my hands. The Moby gives me both! There is a slight learning curve to using it, but there are tons of great 'how to' videos on You Tube if you need a refresher. This is a good one. If you think the fabric choices are boring - there are plenty of CUTE options on etsy. If I need to use the Moby outside of the house, I just tie it on before I go to avoid getting any parking lot nasties on me.

3. Dwell Studio for Target Receiving Blankets

Cheap and perfectly square, these are fabulous for a nap swaddle and they look super cute covering the baby in the car seat. I have almost every variation.

4. Inclined sleep positioner

Considering how many other 'sleep' products are on my list - I must really appreciate the times baby is getting some shut eye. ;) This is another product that dramatically increased our sleep cycles. Grayson had a mild case of reflux when we first brought him home, and we think the incline made him feel better. We used this in the bassinet and now in the crib.

5. Summer Infant Video Monitor

I LOVE seeing the baby now that he's in the nursery. Something about seeing him wiggle about makes me happy - and I hear it only gets better as they get older and start talking and playing in the crib. Worth every penny.

6. Tiny Love Gymini

Watching Grayson talk to his monkeys and grab at the giraffe is seriously cute. Plus, I can plop him down on the mat while I pour myself some coffee without having to worry about him falling off of anything. Anything that allows me to grab a cup of coffee gets an A+.

7. Soft Structured Carrier

Ok, this one is more of a category than an actual product, but it's another one of my must haves. I'm currently using an older version of this Beco carrier. But I'm seriously contemplating getting a Butterfly II as well. This is my life saver when Grayson and I are out an about and I don't have the moby already tied on. There are quite a few places that just aren't stroller friendly (Hello grocery store!), and obviously I can't leave G in the car. I've heard good things about the Ergo and AngelPack, but I don't have experience with those.

8. Diaper Champ

This one is my husband's pick, but I have to agree. Poops = stink and somehow this contraption has managed to keep the smell completely out of the room. Plus, it has "champ" in the name and I can use my own bags. A big win all around.

9. Fisher-Price Swing

Can we say "Fabulous"? This is where Grayson gets in at least one of his day time naps. Not only do I get a little sleepy time out of him when he's in it - he seems to enjoy the mirror/mobile above him when he wakes up. Score! Plus, it's relatively quite and I have yet to need new batteries. I call this my 'shower chair'. Without it, I'm convinced I would be on day 56 with no shower...

10. Born Free Bottles

With Grayson's reflux issues we had a LOT of spit up and vomit. Think projectile nastiness. The only bottles that seemed to help were Born Free and Dr. Brown. Both are BPA free and had great venting systems. But with 5 parts to wash the Dr. Brown bottles were a PTA! Since the Born Free bottles had 1 less part, it won the bottle battle in our house.

That's it for us at the moment - but I'm sure the list will change over time.

Do you have any products that you just can't live without?


kimsansf said...

the day Jackson figured out how to escape the baby straight jacket was a scary scary day for us. J slept so so soundly in taht thing.

Koka Sexton said...

The diaper champ is an amazing invention. Anything that holds that much poop and never smells is a gift from the gods.

Lindsey said...

We have many of the same things! Ben is asleep in the swing right now. I love that diaper champ too! Grayson is the sweetest little thing!

Jenn said...

Most of my must haves are on your list, but I do love the rainforest bouncy seat. Emma Kate really loves sitting in that thing while talking and laughing at her monkey and bird :)
PS. when do you go back to work?

Meg said...

Jenn, I go back May 1st! Ack! What about you?