Thursday, September 18, 2008

Overdue 22 week update

Sadly, I've been horrible at making regular updates in here. At the beginning of the pregnancy I bought a journal that I've been updating, so all is not lost, but I still wish I'd been better at keeping track of my progress. Oh well, too late now!

So far, so good with the little guy. I feel like I've been incredibly lucky to have such an uneventful pregnancy. I still feel really good, I have my energy all day, I'm able to eat pretty well - so long as I stick to smaller portions, and Koka is just doting on me. I feel blessed. The baby is looking healthy and he's kicking up a storm in my belly.

I think my favorite part of this pregnancy has been my new found ability to chill. (Not that you'd know it with all of my nursery posts!!) Some how I've managed to understand that the world will not stop if I forget my prenatals one night, or if I eat a crumbling of blue cheese on a salad. Koka and I are going to give cloth diapering a go - but I'm going to be totally ok if it doesn't work out. It just is what it is and for the first time in my life, I'm able to just go with it. I really, really hope this sticks with me after I have the babe.

And for prosperity sake - a photo:

Don't you love how my husband waited for me to get ready before he took the picture? :)

And, because I think it's funny. A comparison to me 6 weeks ago (At 16 weeks) ... when I thought I was HUGE - compared to me this week. LOL


Jenn said...

Your belly is so cute! It is exciting to watch it grow :)

Mandy said...

you look great meg! such a cute belly. :D

KK said...

You look great Meg!

(kfishie from the nest)