Friday, September 5, 2008

The search continues...

Hello, my name is Meghan, and I'm indecisive. :)

This bedding decision is making my head spin. I know I need to just make a decision, buy the damn bedding and move on - but of course, that wouldn't be like me at all.

So. Here are my top options at the moment. I'm going to try to just stop looking at this point (I'm pretty sure I've seen it ALL anyway!!), and just pick one of these options.

The original Caden LaneOption - but slightly modified since one of my wonderful friends has agreed to help me by MAKING it. (Caden Lane sells fabric by the yard HERE)

These options from Restoration Hardware.

I like that I can pretty much mix and match the options. Plus, once it's time to take off the bumper - I can pick up a set of patterned crib sheets to spice things up again.

(I can't decide between the sage or the blue...)

Here is the set on an actual crib. (Damn pink example!)

I LOVE this sheet for when the bumper above goes away

Obviously the RH sets are a lot more simple, while the Caden Lane set would really be a focal point for the room.

What do you think? Sadly, It seems that most people didn't share my love of the original favorite...


Amanda said...

I like the Caden Lane with the blue bedskirt!

Mandy said...

um, i think you know that i personally LOVE the caden lane. i love the colors mucho and the pattern is great. put me down for one vote. :D

Shannon said...

I love, love, love both options so I am no help. Both are so cute. I love the fabric of the Caden Lane one and I do like that it is the focal point of the room and you can be more muted with the rest of the decor.

I picked a similiar RH one because I liked that it was plain and I thought it was great without having a theme.

Like I said, NO help at all. ;)