Friday, December 26, 2008

Completely late 36 week update

Maybe I should just call it an early 37 week update. :)

I think it has finally hit us that this baby could be here at ANY time. I've been having fairly regular Braxton Hicks contractions for a few weeks, and now I'm getting irregular, but fairly uncomfortable "real" contractions. (Just nothing regular enough for me to get worked up over!) Now, this could be nothing. I could be pregnant for a total of 42 weeks and have an induction for this little guy makes his appearance, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

I do however have a lot to do - and I'd like to get it done FAST.

- Install the car seat (inspection Appt 1.8.09)
- Pack a hospital bag (Started!)
- Buy a lamp for the nursery
- Hang Prints and/or buy wall stickers
- Hem curtains DONE!
- Return baby's R us duplicates and buy some last minute odds and ends
- take care of some lady business at the salon (Appt. 1.3.09)
- Touch up nursery paint DONE!

Actually, now that the lists is written out, it looks doable!

I also only have 3 days left of work until Maternity leave. Holy sheet. I can't believe it.

Since I haven't posted pictures of me in a while. He's a pseudo 36 week picture from Christmas eve. (Do you like my childhood stocking at the bottom?)

I promise to take a better one soon. And because of the kindness of Santa - I'm going to try to take a video of our little circus performer with our new Video Camera. Stay tuned.

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