Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hopefully the last of the nursery dilemmas

I LOVE making progress. And this rooms, slowly but surely, is coming together.

Here it is with less crap on the floor and some drapes on the windows. (Yes, I still need to clean out the night stand!)

The question now, is what to put above the crib. Initially, we were going to put our four "critter" prints. But now those are going above the glider on the other side of the room.

(For reference, I ended up ordering the Bear, Opossum, Squirrel, and Weasel.)

I would imagine my best option is some kind of wall decal - and of course Etsy has a million options. Here is what I'm thinking for the Crib Wall:

Or, maybe something like this:

I'm a little worried I have too much going on in the room - but I need SOMETHING behind that crib.

Anyone have any ideas?


linzmarie designs said...

I love the first two graphics! The second one (all brown tree) would be a nice subtle touch if you felt like there was too much else going on. But I personally like all options and think any of them would be cool.

Lindsey said...

I like the decals also. My favorite is the all brown tree I think (though I really like the birds on the wire b/c I'm obsessed with birds). The decals seem perfect in CA b/c of earthquakes. You don't want anything falling on that little guy!

BTW, your nursery is awesome! Which bedding did you decide to use?

Emily said...

What about these birch trees?

Or this one?

We ended up getting a hummingbird decal from Etsy- a little too girly for your room though.

It depends how cutesy/cartoony you want the decal and the room to be.

BTW- what paint color did you use?

Emily said...
Sorry- forgot to include this on my post!

Meg said...

Lindsey, we ended up with a completely random mix and match from RH baby and child. I used the European crib skirt, the medallion sheet and the sateen bumper. I love the set - but the crib skirt color isn't exactly perfect.

Meg said...

Emily, I haven't forgotten about you! I just keep forgetting to get the name of the paint when I'm in the garage. It's Ben Moore, but we painted it about 2 years ago when we moved in - so I've totally blanked on the name.