Tuesday, December 2, 2008

EEK. It's already December

I am 33 weeks today. That's crazy talk. That means that I'm having a baby NEXT MONTH. I can't decide if I'm crazy excited, or just crazy scared... That little ticker to the right has less than 50 days. OMG.

Since I'm so bad at updating, I'll just recap my Long Thanksgiving weekend...

  • I woke up early to start making Ashley's FABULOUS Butter Nut Squash Gratin and Martha's yummy spinach Gratin. (Both big hits this year!)
  • My mom held Thanksgiving this year at her house, so we packed up the car and headed over around 1
  • I had a class of red wine. My first this pregnancy - and it was HEAVEN. The baby promptly got hiccups...
  • Since my birthday is so close to Turkey day, my aunts always spring for a little something for me. This year they went in together to get me a pregnancy massage. I. Can't. Wait.
  • I found my first stretch marks. ((Shudder))
  • Slept in until 8. This is VERY late for me these days. I can now only sleep until about 6am. So sad!
  • Watched ridiculously cheesy movies on FX. (I think it was the second Bring it On movie. Hilarity.)
  • Watched Koka set up the crib and dresser in the nursery!
  • Walked Lola and avoided all retail establishments
  • Had dinner with my Dad's family in San Francisco at a fun, hole in the wall Hunan Restaurant.

  • My Birthday!! Koka was super sweet and got me a signed copy of the last Twilight Book - Breaking Dawn. He was so nervous to give it to me - but I love it. I really am ridiculously obsessed with that series... My mom scored me a FABULOUS new handbag. (She really has learned the way to my heart!)
  • Headed off to Ikea to pick up curtains and drawer organizers for baby's room
  • Had wonderful Indian food and saw the new James Bond Movie with Koka. I actually really enjoyed it. But, Daniel Craig didn't get nearly naked enough in this one. :)
  • Had a minor panic attack surrounding how much I still have left to do for the nursery, so I called my mom in to help me run errands.
  • Moved the current rug from the guest bedroom/nursery to the master bedroom. Realized the Pottery Barn rug I ordered is way too small.
  • Ran to PB to return the rug and order the next size up
  • Went to the Container Store to price out closet systems for the nursery. (Holy $$$!)
  • Spent an unholy amount of time in Target buying Christmas presents, curtain rods, and giant Tupperware containers for project garage organization.
  • Went to bed at 8:00. :)
Hope you all had a wonderful (and long!) Thanksgiving weekend.

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