Friday, December 12, 2008

Two posts in one day? Who knew...

All you moms out there - Can you help me plan the nursery closet?

Koka and I decided to go with the Elfa system for the nursery closet since they have their big 20% off sale starting Christmas Eve. We've been working with a rep to plan the space, but since we don't have a child yet - it's hard to anticipate what we'll need.

Because we have limited drawer space in the dresser, getting drawers in the closet is very important to me. I'll store blankets and things like that in there.

We have sliding closet doors that make the space hard to divide - so keep in mind I can't really change the different columns - I can really only reconfigure the shelves/bars, etc.

That said, here are the three designs we like as of now. I'm also thinking I may add another hanging bar on the top left. I figure you can never have too much hanging space...

Can you tell me which configuration makes the most sense to you?

#1. This is the original design. It's the open elfa shelving and a movable tower of drawers. As I mentioned above, we'll probably add a 4th hanging rod on the top left.

#2. This is a slight modification of the original design to include solid white shelves. The drawers are 4" narrower to accommodate the dimensions required for solid shelving...

#3. This is with built in drawers vs. the tower. We lose some shelving to accommodate the drawer dimensions. To the left of the drawers will be a shoe organizer system. I really like the built in drawers, but I'm worried about sacrificing so much self space for them.

Option 4 would be "You're an idiot and you should do XYZ." :) You of course would need to provide the XYZ.


Lindsey said...

I like number one (however I don't have a kid yet either). I do have Elfa in my closet and this is what I think. Nate and I each have a stack of drawers (kind of like in number 3) and we are both big clothes people. I don't even have all my drawers filled. Given I don't store blankets and that sort of stuff in there. I also don't think the solid shelves are worth it. We have the silver wire shelves and I love them. The drawers have the wood around them and it makes the whole closet look more polished. The only problem I have with the wire shelves in that my heels fall through. You can buy a plastic shelf cover though (I'm just too lazy to get it). Elfa is awesome! It's so easy to put up! We are doing our laundry room during the sale! Good luck!

Lindsey said...
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